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Tips for Creating Engaging Interactive Christmas Displays

Christmas in July is the perfect time to start planning your interactive Christmas displays! At Watch This Space, we believe that early preparation and creative innovation are key to crafting memorable experiences that captivate audiences and enhance brand loyalty. Here are our top tips for creating engaging holiday displays that will leave a lasting impression.

Interactive Christmas Displays

1. Start Planning Early

Early planning allows you to brainstorm, design, and execute your vision without the pressure of tight deadlines. This ensures that every detail is meticulously crafted and aligned with your brand’s goals. Begin by setting clear objectives and a timeline for your project, allowing ample time for creativity and adjustments.

Example: Our Telstra Interactive Christmas Windows project was a seven-week campaign across November and December, which we started planning months in advance. This preparation allowed us to create 6 unique interactive Christmas displays that engaged over 762,368 visitors.

2. Incorporate Interactive Elements

Interactive Christmas displays create memorable experiences by allowing customers to engage directly with the installation. Whether it’s through touch, movement, or augmented reality, interactive elements make your display stand out and encourage visitors to spend more time at your location.

Example: For the Telstra’s Big Christmas - Interactive Keyboard, we installed a giant keyboard that visitors could play, creating a “must-visit” experience inspired by the iconic movie BIG. This not only entertained visitors but also encouraged them to interact with Telstra products.

3. Utilise Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology can transform ordinary displays into extraordinary experiences. By overlaying digital content onto the physical world, AR can provide additional layers of information, storytelling, and interactivity that captivate audiences.

Example: Our Telstra Interactive Christmas Windows project featured augmented reality components that allowed visitors to take over 17,761 AR pictures. This feature not only created a fun and engaging experience but also encouraged social sharing, amplifying Telstra’s brand presence.

4. Create Shareable Moments

Design your display with social media in mind. Create elements that encourage visitors to take photos and share their experiences online. This not only extends the reach of your display but also turns visitors into brand ambassadors.

Example: The St George Christmas Campaign included photogenic scenes and interactive elements that visitors loved to share on social media, spreading holiday cheer and increasing brand visibility with the hashtag #StGeorgeChristmas.

5. Engage the Senses

Incorporate elements that engage multiple senses to create a more immersive experience. Visuals, sounds, scents, and even tactile elements can all contribute to making your interactive Christmas displays more memorable and engaging.

Example: For the Samsung Galaxy Launch, we used a combination of visual displays, interactive screens, and engaging soundscapes to fully immerse visitors in the experience, highlighting the product’s features in a dynamic way.

6. Tell a Story

A well-crafted story can make your display more engaging and memorable. Use your display to tell a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand values. This emotional connection can enhance the overall experience and foster brand loyalty.

Example: Our Montblanc Interactive Experience told the story of the Montblanc Summit 3 watch, allowing customers to interact with the product in a meaningful way that highlighted its craftsmanship and heritage.

7. Measure and Adapt

After launching your interactive Christmas displays, gather data on how visitors interact with it. Use this information to make real-time adjustments and improvements. Measuring the effectiveness of your display ensures that you continue to meet your objectives and enhance visitor engagement.

Example: During the Telstra Interactive Christmas Windows campaign, we tracked interactions and used visitor feedback to tweak the displays, ensuring they remained engaging and effective throughout the holiday season.

Early planning and innovative thinking are the keys to creating engaging holiday displays that captivate and delight your audience. By incorporating these tips, you can ensure that your holiday displays are not only visually stunning but also interactive, memorable, and aligned with your brand’s goals.

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