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The Future Of Retail Is In The Shopper’s Hands

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Where is retail right now?

There’s a perception that retail is on its way out but that’s clearly not the case. The only thing that’s changing is how people interact and what they are expecting from an interaction.

Retail is a conversation.

The number one reason retail isn’t going anywhere is because it’s a social event. People don’t just want a product and that’s it. They want to feel informed and rewarded for their purchase decision, and this is a major weak spot in shopping online.

The key to any relationship is two-way communication

But unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case when it comes to retail. The status quo has traditionally been one-sided and there has been little progress in developing a back-and-forth between stores and shoppers.

IRL Cookies

One space where two-way conversations are working is online. The use of cookies and other tracking technologies means brands are developing meaningful relationships with shoppers every time they interact. Where this falls off is when the interaction happens face-to-face, in-store. But what if we had access to real-life cookies that helped us develop relationships that happen on and offline?

Retail is for the senses

The other strength retail has is its ability to connect people to products and services in a tangible way. People love retail because they want to touch, they want to be entertained, and they want to learn for themselves. People get a sense of accomplishment when they physically achieve something and retail is a prime example of this. We are tactile creatures after all and we respond emotionally to this stuff. It’s in our DNA.

Listen to your audience

The first step is becoming a good listener

Advertisers and brands have spent billions of dollars telling customers what they need. In the last few years the online market has learned that if you listen, you don’t need to tell people what they need at all, because they are already telling you online. Using a mix of technologies, retail can also adopt this listening style and start hearing what the customer wants every time they enter the store.

The screens have ears

There are 5 principles to being a good listener and they are just as applicable to retail as they are in any relationship.

1. Listen to learn

Retail needs to listen to learn and we need to make it easy for our customers to talk

2. Quit our agenda

When listening we need to forget our agenda and really pay attention to what’s been said. What we hear may well be against our marketing strategy, but we can’t let that taint what’s being said.

3. Ask more questions

When planning our points of interaction we need to constantly look for ways to ask questions. But remember, this is a conversation, not an interrogation. We need to be creative so the shopper always gets something in return

4. Always check your talk/listen ratio

It’s easy to get carried away with the sound of your own voice but this can lead to shutting others down and making the experience one-sided

5. Repeat back what you heard

This will ensure you take away the correct meaning of what you’ve been told. It also lets the talker know you’re listening

Interactive Retail

Remotey© and the Future of Retail

Remotey© Control

Remotey© Control uses WebSockets to turn any mobile phone into a remote control. This means people can use their phones to interact with almost anything.

As much as we love apps, Remotey© is 100% web browser-based meaning there’s no need for people to download anything to interact.

Given the global uptake of QR codes, this web-based controller is a game-changer when it comes to retail and activations. Remotey© has the ability to remove the need for touchscreens and physical buttons while still delivering engaging interactive experiences.

Accessories Configurator

Shoppers can use their phones to browse on-screen catalogues. The large screen format, coupled with rich content makes this a rewarding in-store experience for the shopper. As shoppers take themselves through the experience the retailer can learn about their wants and needs. Cookies placed on the shopper’s personal device allow us to continue the in-store journey on social media and other places online.


Remotey© gives shoppers control of the digital screens in the same way as a console controller. This type of in-store activation is perfect for entertaining customers as they wait. The beauty of using Remotey© to facilitate this type of interactive gaming is the retailer doesn’t need dedicated screens just for gaming. Remotey© can turn any screen or projection into a gaming station and back again at the tap of a button.

Again because the customer is using their personal device to interact with the retailer can acquire a lot of data. We can also place helpful cookies on their device which allows us to continue to have meaningful conversations with the shopper later on.

Smart Home Builder

As the promise of tech products integrating with each other becomes more appealing, it’s also getting harder for shoppers to wrap their heads around which products will suit their needs. A Remotey controlled Smart Home Builder, for example, will help make this path to purchase a lot easier by helping shoppers curate the best products and configurations to match their needs.

Plan Builder

Similar to the Smart Home Builder, putting together the right product plan can be confusing. Using Remotey© and any in-store screen, shoppers can configure the best plan to suit their needs. As with all our suggestions, we recommend that the in-store experience feels remarkably different from the online equivalent. The reason for this is we need the in-store experience to delight and offer something new. By doing this we will learn new things and gain the potential to create further, meaningful conversations with our customers down the road.

After Hour Experiences

Remotey© gives stores the opportunity to turn any and all window displays into 24-hour interactive portals. Using traditional technology like storefront touch screens or foils is incredibly expensive. Using Remotey© means retailers can activate their storefronts at a fraction of the cost. As with all experiences using Remotey©, this opportunity will open up many avenues to delight, deliver and learn from customers.

Large Scale Interactive Experiences

Remotey© is capable of controlling a lot more than just screens. The same web browser tool can be used to activate large-scale projections, remote activations, or any other interactive experience. Each time we create an experience for customers we create an opportunity to serve, learn, and continue conversations in order to deliver goods and services people want.

Interactive path to purchase

A hand-in-hand

path to purchase

Together is better

By creating and delivering outstanding content that takes retailers and shoppers on a journey together, everyone wins. Shoppers walk away from the experience having learned, explored, and connected with their new product. While at the same time, the retail store gains insight into the shopper's offline world. This symbiotic relationship is key to how retail talks with customers from now on.

Conversations to conversions

Conversations to conversions

Connect In Meaningful Ways

  • Our interactive model personalises the shopping experience and reveals rich, actionable analytics to create lasting customer relationships and drive sales.

Device Management System

  • Content and devices can be remotely managed and maintained by our helpdesk with a proactive support model.

Content Management System

  • Learn from every device interaction, signup action, and follow-up from the consumer’s phone. Export reports, or feed the data into your own platform.

Data Analytics

  • We provide you with a live dashboard for your review and analysis as well as for testing and monitoring content remotely.

Real-world examples

Geelong Christmas Tree

Bank Of Melbourne - Wishing Well

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