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Interactive Luxury at Montblanc Paris

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Montblanc, like many international brands, has beautiful boutiques located on some of the most iconic streets in the world. The problem they identified is that once their store is closed, their customers can no longer interact with their products.

From this insight came the Project Nightshift brief. A brief that tasked us with activating an existing Montblanc storefront and educating their customers about the new Summit 3 smartwatch.

In keeping with Montblanc’s premium aesthetic, we created an interactive replica Summit 3 watch that people could interact with via their mobile phones.

The first hurdle in recreating the replica Summit 3 watch was finding a solution for the round screen. As many of you might know, round screens of this size are not easy to find. So when our partners at Tinnox LED came back to us with a custom module solution we were over the moon.

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia

Our next task was to find a way to replicate the Summit 3’s premium titanium case and leather strap. For this, we consulted the renowned Melbourne set designer and prop-maker Bob Shea. With his keen eye for detail, Bob designed the remaining elements of the watch including the stand and reusable shipping crate.

Making of video:

While our fabricators were busy with the physical build our developers got to work on the interactive portion of the concept.

Designed to be simple to use by anyone regardless of their tech ability, the interactive luxury experience began by simply scanning a printed QR code. This QR code opened a URL on the user’s device and automatically entered them into our custom queuing system.

After hours Montblanc, Paris

Once it was the user's turn to interact with the replica Summit 3, they simply scrolled on their phone to navigate their way through the many personalisation options the watch offers. As they scrolled, the replica Summit 3 watch instantly updated to reflect the user’s choices in real-time.

Interactive boutique window display

To help draw attention to some of the finer details of the Summit 3, we also created a digital version of the watch in a 3D gaming engine. Using their mobile phones, users could interact the digital render and explore every inch of the new smartwatch.

To end the experience users were given the opportunity to learn more about the Summit 3 watch. Here they could enter their email address and have a personalised eDM sent. Users could also choose to book a Rendez-Vous appointment with a sales assistant at a suitable time when the Montblanc store is open.

Make an appointment vie the interactive form

Finally, we also designed the interactive installation to be a global success. We specifically created a travel case that could withstand international travel while keeping waste to a minimum. This meant we only needed to make one version of the watch and it could be safely shipped around the world as needed.

An Interactive Experience in a box

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